Womens’ & Teens’ Self Defense

Private instruction Only

Ages 11 & up (women only)

Level one: Basic defensive awareness and light physical tactics to include statistics, body targets, body weapons, break aways, house/car safety and basic strikes.  1 & 1/2  hours long- Certificate upon completion $150  ea.

Level two: (must have level one certificate) This course takes the defensive tactics to a higher level with more physical ability required.  Tactics include elbow and knee striking, low kicking/striking techniques and finger gouging/scratching tactics.   1.5  hours long.
Certificate upon completion $175. ea.

Level three: (must have level two certificate)  This course is a high energy, hard core, defensive tactics clinic.  The agenda includes, but is not limited to, situational defense tactics, home invasion fighting maneuvers, specialty weapon usage (mace, fighting sticks, household items etc.)  weapon disarms, grappling and takedown maneuvers, advanced break away techniques and more. 1.5 hours.
Certificate upon completion $200.  ea.

Two Or more students in one class (your own group) will get a 10% discount each.

All three courses may be purchased for a discounted price of:  $499


clinic 004


 This course is targeted specifically for  teens 13-17 year olds.
Whole new worlds of predators are after this group and at this age-peer pressure also comes into play.  Teens are given a glimpse of reality of crime statistics.  They are made aware of the current drugs out there for the dating and the party scene.  I follow up the course with maneuvers they will need on dates, walking home alone, domestic violence and basic break aways from holds.  Internet security. The course finishes with an empowerment statement and teaches body posture to promote that well being.   

Certificate upon completion and a two week pass to karate class

$175 total

FDG 004

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