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Sensei’s induction into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame 2014 for Martial Arts Image Award


Joe Cayer is a 9th Dan Master instructor in Shotokan Karate and a 44 year veteran of the martial arts. Sensei served as a law enforcement officer with the Ft. Walton Beach Police Department and is also a Certified Police Combat Tactics Instructor.  Sensei is a member of AKJU (American Karate Jujitsu Union) under Soke Don Madden.  

Grand Master is also the founder of the International Karate InstituteIKI

In his 44 years, Sensei has studied the following arts:

  • Florida Police Combatives (Senior Instructor Level)

  • Moo Duk Kwan 

  • Praying Mantis Kung Fu

  • Shorei Goju Ryu

  • Kickboxing (Amatuer Competition)

  • Vietnamese Combat Karate

  • Taiho Jutsu

  • Mixed Martial Arts (American Combat System)

  • Krav Maga (IKI)

  • IaiDo Jutsu

  • Combat Japanese Jujitsu (Michael De Pasquale system)

  • Kubudo (weapons)

  • KaJuKenBo (Sifu-5th Dan,  4th generation:  Tony Lasit-Dan Baker-Jay Vera Lineage)

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    Sensei began his journey in 1972 with Praying Mantis Kung Fu and continued on to Shotokan karate in 1975 under Grand Master Jim Rodriquez and in Moo Duk Kwan under Sensei Bob Edmunds.  Sensei has been part of Seieikan Ko Sutemi  under Soke Don Madden since 2002. 

In 2003 Sensei traveled to Ireland to represent the AKJU (American Karate Jutisu Union-TEAM AMERICA) and fought against 18 represented countries.  He won the gold in the middle weight Randori (grappling sparring) division and then took the overall Grand Championship at the event.  Sensei has been inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame and The USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame. Master Cayer received the Presidential Bronze Volunteer  Service Award  from the White House in 2007 for years of  teaching free clinics to the public.   He also received the Florida Crime Prevention Leadership award for service to the community as well.  In 2008 Master was awarded the Public Service Award from the U.S. House of Representatives in Pensacola, Florida  by Rep Jeff Miller.   In 2013 he was named the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office “Volunteer of the Year”  through the crime prevention department with the accomplishment of having taught over 25,000 women in free self protection clinics in his career.  He is the  Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Crime Prevention Self Defense Instructor for the Women’s Self Protection Programs and Kid’s Protective Tactics events.  He also instructs voluntarily for the Ft. Walton Beach Police Dept.


Florida Crime Prevention Leadership Award

Master Joseph Cayer
Emerald Coast Martial Arts Academy, Ft. Walton Beach

Master Joe Cayer, was approached in the 1980’s to join the Fort Walton Beach Police Department.  Being a Martial Artist he was asked to develop a hand’s on self defense class for women. His answer was a class for young women, women with disabilities and seniors. The classes were so well received that they expanded them to allow county residents. After a few years he departed for greener pastures. Even though he left the department he continued to teach the self defense classes for the Police Department, at no cost to the agency or students. Joe has dedicated over 20 year’s to the community, donating hundreds of hours making women feel safe.

A major milestone was reached on June 12, 2008 when he instructed his 20,000th student.  In 2014 he reached his 24,000 student.  He continues this service to the public.




Shorei Goju BB 001


thank u letterkajukenbo certso_award_001whitehouse2rep letter

Gov letter

Personal thank you note from Gov Rick Scott to GM Cayer




KKBNVB 161KajuKenbo Seminar 343



Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Col Bob Thornton (SEAL Team Six original member) with GM Cayer

SEAL Team Six Commander & Congressmen, Ryan Zinke with Grand Master Cayer

SEAL Team Six Commander & Congressmen, Ryan Zinke with Grand Master Cayer

Grand Master IRMAA 2014

Kajukenbo Seminar in LA

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Krav Maga Master Moshe Katz awarding Sensei with his Black Belt

GM Rodriguez

Sensei Cayer with his original Shotokan Karate Instructor, GM Jimmy Rodriques


Soke Don Madden with Sensei (Sensei’s Grand Master)

Soke Madden & GM Cayer @ the Black Belt Hall of Fame 2015

Soke Madden & GM Cayer @ the Black Belt Hall of Fame 2015

Sensei with his Combat Jujitsu instructor

Sensei with his Combat Jujitsu instructor



Soke Michael DePasquale

Yoshitsune Combat Jujitsu

Founder, Federation of United Martial Artists (FUMA – Crusade Against Crime)
International Protection – Security Position Executive
Advanced Defensive Tactics Instructor
Trainer of NYPD Defensive Tactics Instructors
Trainer of 1st Division of the Armed Special Forces
Trainer of FBI Personnel
Trainer of U.S. Marshals
Trainer of Postal Police
Producer of Anti-Crime Television Show (FUMA Crime prevention Clinic)
Conducted Crime Awareness/Anti-Rape Seminars
Body Guard
Author, Streetwise Safety Series
Consultant, Corporate, Institutional, and Educational Security
Creator, COMBAT CARDIO personal fitness/self defense program
International Law Enforcement trainer
Trainer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Film Production Security
Event Security
Political Candidate Security

Upright Street to Ground Grappling Illegal Strikes, Strangulations & Subm. Holds
Grappling for Karate Practitioners Police Defensive Tactics
Falling with Immediate Recovery MDP Sr. Stick & Cane Techniques
MDP Sr. Pressure Point Knockout Techniques MDP Sr. Te-Waza Hand Techniques
MDP Jr. 10 Favorite Street Techniques Shark Bait Self Defense
Black Belt Ceremony Grandmasters in Action
Combat Judo/Streetwise Ju-Jitsu Action Film Seminar
Combat Ju-Jitsu (4 tape series) Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu (5 tape series)
Ring Deadly Street Lethal (2 tape set)

Publisher / Editor:
Karate International Magazine: World’s Largest full color Martial Arts / Entertainment Magazine.
Ninja the Deadly Warrior Martial Arts Magazine
Combat Karate Martial Arts Magazine
Nin Ju Ka, The Deadly Art: Martial Arts Special Issue Magazine

Monarch Illustrated Guide to Ju Jitsu Book Simon & Schuster
Ju Jitsu Book Simon & Schuster
Women’s Guide to Self Defense Book Simon & Schuster
Learn the Martial Arts in Eight Weeks Book Simon & Schuster
Martial Arts for Young Athletes Book Simon & Schuster
Step By Step Guide to the Martial Arts Book Hamlyn
Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Elite Book MDP Enterprises
StreetWise Safety for Women Book Charles E. Tuttle & Co.
StreetWise Safety for Children Book Charles E. Tuttle & Co.

Graduate of the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts
Studied with William Hickey of the H.B. Studios

Information Provider/Executive Director of the America Online sponsored Martial Arts Worldwide Network. (Keyword: MAW): The largest single source of Martial Arts Information.

Founder of the Federation of United Martial Artists (FUMA)- Crusade Against Crime and Drugs, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to pro-active programs of education and training in crime awareness and self-defense.

President of the International Federation of Ju-Jitsuans (I.F.O.J.J.). An internationally organization dedicated to promoting brotherhood and unity throughout the Martial Arts Community.

At the age of 24 recognized by “Official Karate Magazine” as their ‘Martial Arts Star of the Year.’
AAU East Karate Championship (‘81)
Qualified for the Pan American Team Trials
Founder of the “Action Film Making Seminars”
To date he has also been inducted in 12 Martial Arts Halls of Fame.

Taught the 1st Division of The Army Special Forces, F.B.I. , U.S. Marshals, Postal Police, the New York City Police Academy and many other law enforcement personnel.

Volunteer award

Sensei with Sheriff Larry Ashley-receiving the Sheriff’s Office Volunteer of the Year Award


Teaching @ a Kajukenbo Seminar in LA

ASAI card

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