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Emerald Coast Martial Arts

“Discipline-Strength-Enrichment-For your Life”.

#726 N. Beal Pkwy, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547 (next to Sam’s Club)

You can learn…

Shotokan Karate…You will learn coping skills, self protection skills, discipline, gain strength & confidence in a family-friendly environment.

Tai Chi…You will improve your health & wellness, balance & core strength.

Krav Maga…You will learn this Israeli form of Combat that allows you to defend yourself from knife, club & gun attacks.  You will learn defensive awareness, self protection tactics against any grabs, holds or strikes.

Women’s Self Defense…You will learn self protection defenses that are specific to women & teenagers. Have peace of mind & security in your life.

Coming in June! (taking applications now)  Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:30 pm

Filipino Martial Arts…You will learn the culture and concepts of the Filipino Martial Arts. Learn movement, defensive techniques and Arnis (stick fighting).

We provide training that will keep you safe and prepared for situations on the street, in military combat, and even in competitions.

Coming to practice will be something you look forward to & love, because the environment is designed for your success. Our 8,500 square foot facility has several practice floors, is equipped with mirrors, 1″ floor anti fatigue mats, stretch bars & machines, striking pad equipment and heavy bags for optimal training. Our instructors are First Aid & CPR certified & have years of training to make your martial art journey one that last a lifetime!

We are an active dojo with participation in community projects, local parades and activity trips (i.e. canoeing on Black Water river, beach workouts, Nerf Wars for the kids, dojo movie/pizza nights and holiday parties). Come join our family! Adults and kids (ages 4 1/2 and up) are welcomed.



When We Teach It…


11:30 am:   Home schoolers Karate (moves to Tues/Thurs @ 12 pm on June 13th for Summer Schedule)

5:30 pm:    Kid’s White Belts (new starting students)

6:30 pm:    Kid’s Orange/Green belts

630 pm:     Kid’s Blue-Brown Belts

7:30 pm:    Krav Maga


5:30pm:   Kids’ Yellow Belts

630pm:   Kids’ Gold Belts

730pm:   Adult Karate


11:30 am:   Home schoolers Karate (moves to Tues/Thurs @ 12 pm on June 13th for Summer Schedule)

5:30 pm:    Kids’ White Belts

6:30 pm:    Kids’ Orange/Green belts

6:30pm:    Kids’ Blue-Brown Belts

7:30 pm:    Krav Maga

7:30 pm:    Tai Chi


5:30 pm:    Kids’ Yellow Belts

6:30 pm:    Kids’ Gold Belts

7:30 pm:    Adult Karate


6:30 pm: Adult Karate

(special events or training-TBA)


10:30 am:  Tai Chi


Our main dojo is located at:

#726 N. Beal Pkwy, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547 (next to Sam’s Club)


Our Associations…

Our associations are AKJU (American Karate Jujitsu Union) under Soke Don Madden, ASAI (Asai Shotokan Association International) under Shihan Kousaku Yokota, Jay Vera International Realistic Martial Arts Association in the GM Tony Lasit tree & Israeli Krav Maga International (IKI) under Master Moshe Katz.

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